Intercultural Management Competence:

W h a t    i s    t h i s ?

Intercultural Management Competence is, in our opinion, the ability to apply the appropriate knowledge and experience at the appropriate time to reach specific goals in an international and intercultural context by successfully conducting relationships with customers, partners, employees and teams.

Intercultural Management Competence is the culmination of a set of skills which can be learned and developed. They consist of various important aspects. Some of them are:
  • Professional competence
  • Strategic competence
  • Change competence
  • Leadership competence
  • Communicative competence
  • Social competence
  • Country and culture-specific competence
Intercultural Management Competence combines these abilities and resources. It can be transferred to specific situations, to the intercultural framework of your own country or to customers, partners, project teams or subsidiaries abroad.

This integrative competence can be extended by comprehensive knowledge about yourself, learning, training, coaching and experience.